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warranty registration and updates

Registering your Lēderbord means you can easily file a warranty claim if needed and helps us provide you better service. Now is also a great time to register for updates as we roll out additional products and accessories to help you take your scoreboard to the next level.

Warranty Terms

Lēderbord, LLC. warrants products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions of use and service. The obligation of Lēderbord,, LLC under the warranty, being limited to making good, at the factory, any part manufactured by Lēderbord,, LLC which shall within one (1) year after delivery to the original purchaser be returned to Lēderbord,, LLC., with transportation charges prepaid.

Except as herein above provided, there is no warrant, expressed, or implied, and none shall be implied by law, and Lēderbord,, LLC expressly denies on the part of any person or entity to incur or assume, for Lēderbord,, LLC any other liability in connection with the sale of any Lēderbord, Product.

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